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Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
. the president of russia has just signed a bill, banning americans from adopting russian children. and this now blocks kids from being adopted by american families, leaving russia, to move here to start a new life. abc's lama hasan has the latest from london. good morning to you, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. this controversial new bill banning u.s. citizens from adopting russian children is igniting a firestorm among human rights activists, saying this law victimizes children to make a political point. now, the u.s. is the biggest destination for adopted russian children. some 60,000 of them have been given homes by americans since the fall of the soviet union. what's more heart breaking, there's nearly 52 children in the process of being adopted by american families right now. in some cases, families who have been waiting years to complete the adoption process. so, this new law will now block those kids from leaving russia. meaning, they will not be coming to the u.s. and given a new home. and so far, the u.s. has not responded. josh? >> thank you. amy? >> heartbreaking story
Dec 30, 2012 4:00am PST
extraordinary videotape. >> out of russia. a plane crash outside of moscow. we'll begin with this stunning video. the plane overshot the runway and careened into traffic and abc has the story. >> reporter: you're about to see the terrifying moment of impact as the russian passenger jet slams into a busy highway. watch again. you can see the plane's tire colliding with the moving car. and listen closely. you can hear the squealing brakes and crushing metal. the crash took place on saturday at an airport outside moscow. the red wing's airline's flight broke through a barrier fence shattering into three pieces and bursting into flames before skidding to a stop at the edge of the highway. witnesses rushed to pull survivors out of the wreckage. the russian made tupolev 204 was flying back from the czech republic with no passengers and eight crew members on board. officials say four of them were killed including the pilots. the other four were seriously injured. an investigation has been opened but officials have already suggested that pilot error was to blame. miraculously, everyone on the highway su
Dec 3, 2012 7:00am PST
might be this morning. there's always this to make you feel better about yourself. in russia, an early season snowstorm created the mother of all tie-ups, stranding thousands of people along one of the main routes from moscow to st. petersburg. at its worst, this traffic jam stretched for about 125 miles. which i like to call a parking lots. >> no, those poor people. >> those poor people. >> and you thought your commute was bad. >> and you thought -- yeah. that's bad. that's bad. that's bad. >> three days is bad. sure it. >>> we'll make a turn now to that desperate search for an 11-year-old cancer victim whose life may be in danger. last week, her parents slipped her out of a hospital early, leaving her medication behind, and a catheter still attached to her chest. abc's abbie boudreau has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi and phoenix police say this 11-year-old cancer patient could be in grave danger. they've been searching for her for the last five days. and time, they say, is of the essence. >> we have a patient that has gone missing. >> reporter: these are the last ima
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am PST
, one we brought you this summer, thanks goodness for our friends in russia. they have the tiny bicycle. >> huh uh. you can't do that. >> no he doesn't. >> how does he not break the pedals? >> in fact, the description on youtube says the bike is comfortable and adjustable. perhaps unclear on those words. >> made out of titanium. >> i wanted to give somebody here a chance to do it for us in the studio, sam. >> why you looking at me? >> come on. >> that's a tr iricycle. >> are you not entertain snd are you not entertains. >> he's going fall. he's going fall. >> there you go. >> sam, come on. come on. >> here, you do it. >> come on, come on, come on, ready. >> no. >> oh, no. >> there's no way i can do this. >> see, see. >> at least ring the bell. >> if you want to know our favorites, head to ding, ding. >>> people just like you have donated coats to help americans in need. >> time to go. >> so go now to on yah ! yahoo!. or go to any burlington coat factory store. when's the last time you visited me? when i went surfing. i love to surf. can yo
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
al assad, is losing control as he claims in syria. assad's most important ally, russia, admitting for the first time, it looks like assad could be overthrown. an even bigger concern. u.s. officials say assad has fired scud missiles at rebel forces. those missiles can carry chemical weapons. if such weapons are used, president obama has vowed the u.s. will respond. >>> and some new clues this morning, as police try to figure out why a young man went on that shooting rampage inside a mall in oregon, killing two people before taking his own life. stunned friends of 22-year-old jacob roberts, who you see here, describe him as happy and good-natured. although, admit he changed in recent weeks. his ex-girlfriend, says roberts suddenly quit his job, sold his things, portland to move to hawaii. a photo on his facebook page, including the phrase, follow your dreams, with the word canceled across it. more details as they become available for you. >>> and serious differences remain. that's the word from house speaker john boehner as the country inches closer to the fiscal cliff, tax increase
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
of money. >>> but at least this won't happen to your car if you fail to pay. this is in russia, you guys. this is a massive claw. this is what they're doing about illegally parked cars. forcing city officials -- these are city officials doing this. not a tow truck. did you see that claw smash through the windows. picks it up and puts it in the bed of the tow truck to get drivers to behave. the so-called claw was recently introduced. recently, we show you what they do in lithuania. and i think this was worse. a mayor got into a tank and crushed an illegally parked car as a warning -- how is this not highly illegal? can we not sue the city for this? >> you have your own follow-up questions. >> yes. if you live in chicago, don't feel so bad about paying $6.75. your car could be destroyed by a claw or a tank. >>> rachel, the bar is raised fairly high. host of abc's "on the red carpet" in for lara this morning. the news that pops. >> indeed, and we have breaking news overnight. get ready for it. kate winslet's heart really did go on. looks like rose has found her real-life jack. hello, people
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)